Give Me a Few Minutes, I’ll Tell You the Truth About Leadership

This points to the fact that although it is easier to make it for people born with the gift of leadership.


Leadership. Well, how would the world have been without it? In the context of business, across geographical borders, across cultures, across generations and across organizations of all kinds, if there is one quality that no business can do without, it is leadership. Why is leadership so highly rated and thought about? Give me a few minutes, I’ll tell you the truth about leadership.

To get to the truth about leadership, let us get to the root of the issue: understanding leadership. So, what is this quality that the entire world clamors for? Leadership is the skill or the art of leading people and organizations. This sounds simple; yet, in practical application, it means a lot. Why? Because this is not something everyone can do. It requires a very special ability to do so. That is the skill of leadership.

Truth about leadership

#1: Leaders can be made; they are not necessarily born

One discussion that comes up often when it comes to leadership is if leaders are born or are made. Participants on both sides of the camp are almost equally vociferous in their claim. Those who argue that leadership is a talent from above and that no honing or training will be of any use cite many examples of how people with no effort or training become leaders, while many others toil a lifetime and don’t quite make it.

While on the surface this could be true, the fact is, leadership can be cultivated. With the right orientation, learning and influence, people with no natural ability for leadership can also become leaders. It is something like becoming a sportsman. If talent and nothing else is the sole quality for becoming successful at sports, how do you account for the fact that alongside a genius like Roger Federer, we have also had much less talented, but almost equally successful champions such as Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic? This points to the fact that although it is easier to make it for people born with the gift of leadership; those without it can also get there and be successful with the right ingredients that make a person successful.

#2: Leaders never micromanage

If you thought your boss is a leader but find him peering over your monitor to inspect for himself what you are doing, you are mistaken about him. He is no leader. He is a boss. Leaders have so much faith in their team that they delegate meaningfully and leave it to the team to carry out the work. They are the not the type who will keep stopping by every now and then to see what is happening at every stage.

#3: Leaders inspire the rest

This is one of the prime qualities of being a leader. Leaders not only take the initiative and lead from the front; they inspire the others to follow. Again, they do not necessarily require the others to tread their path but encourage them to carve one of their own. Leaders realize that each individual has her own abilities and style of doing things. They don’t impose their style or method on anyone. They show the path and leave it to the others to tread their own.

#4: Leaders are honest communicators

Communication is one of the essential qualities of leadership. Strong and effective leaders communicate openly and honestly, be it about pointing your flaw or letting you know what is happening in the organization or anything else. They don’t hold back unless it is really warranted.

Who Else Wants To Know The “Mystery” Behind Leadership Skills?

Haven’t we been told, and haven’t we noticed, that leadership is the difference between poor and strong organizations or groups or even nations? So, want to know the mystery behind leadership skills? Let me jot down a few that come to mind.

For anyone that wants to know the mystery behind leadership skills, the answer is simple: there isn’t any. Surprised? Well, let me qualify my description if I’ve confused you: there are ways by which one becomes a leader. Some of it is inborn, some cultivated. This is it. Does this appear as a mystery of leadership? Not to me.

Yet, one cannot deny that there is a ring of mystery around this most coveted of qualities. After all, doesn’t the world run on leadership? Haven’t we been told, and haven’t we noticed, that leadership is the difference between poor and strong organizations or groups or even nations? So, want to know the mystery behind leadership skills? Let me jot down a few that come to mind:

Working with and leading teams

A leader is expected to be doing one thing more than anything else and better than anyone else: leading. That is why she is called a leader, right? Well, working with teams and leading them are among the core qualities of a leader. Leaders are good at leading people to their destination. This makes them show the way to people. Once their people embark on the development journey, leaders spend their time strategizing and identifying and creating the next crop of leaders. A leader leads up to a point where the people will be able to do things on their own.



This brings us to the next important quality of leaders: delegation. To those who want to know the mystery behind leadership skills, an important leadership skill is delegation. The leader understands the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team and delegates work accordingly, so that each member is able to excel at the work given. Why delegation is a core leadership quality is that if done right, it can lead to wonders, but if the leader gets delegation wrong, it leads to mayhem, bringing in discontent and frustration within the team because people want to do well, but are not given the right work or roles.


Well, there is no surprise here if you want to know the mystery behind leadership skills. Management institutes and organizations around the world spend time and resources in drilling this quality in leaders and potential leaders. Decision-making is the essential element of leadership. A leader’s central work is to take decisions on a broad variety of issues ranging from day-to-day matters to the strategic ones that have a bearing on the organization or the employees.


Getting the decision-making right is crucial because leaders’ decisions have the highest impact on the organization. Decision-making should neither be delayed nor taken in an emotional state of mind, which will have the effect of diluting the purpose for which they are taken or will end up producing something negative for the organization.

They take the initiative

Yes, for those who want to know the mystery behind leadership skills, taking the initiative and assuming ownership are among the prime leadership qualities. Leaders don’t wait for things to happen. A leader loves challenges and grabs the bull by the horns. A leader also does not wait for others to take the lead. She takes up ownership and loves to see something difficult being accomplished.

They hold themselves accountable

Another of the great qualities of leaders is that they take not only the initiative, but also own up themselves for any failure. They are honest to admit that there could be have been some mistakes from their side. They shield the team from the fallouts of wrong decisions.


One more quality that comes to mind about leaders is influence. They are able to make a huge mark on people around them. This is why they are able to build teams and the next generation of leaders with ease. The team members usually look upon their leaders.


Well, of what use is any leadership quality when there is no integrity? This should rank as the most vital quality for a ladder. For anyone who wants to explore the mystery behind leadership skills, integrity sits right at the top. A leader may have the best leadership skills and abilities, but none of these is of any use unless they are bound together by the glue of integrity.


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