Four Trendy Ways to Improve on Microsoft Outlook tips

They will simply open their inbox, do what is required, and be done with quickly.


“Microsoft Outlook Tips, Tricks, and Productivity Tools” is the topic of a one-hour webinar that is being organized on February 5 by Compliance4All, a leading provider of professional training for all the regulatory compliance. Tom Fragale, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Microsoft Certified Expert in Excel, will be the speaker at this webinar.


Microsoft Outlook, the web-based webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services suite, offers many benefits for office staff with its tasks, follow-ups, contacts, notes and calendar features. Yet, let us face it: its users find it ponderous and often confusing and difficult to use, despite the series of changes that Microsoft has brought into it over the years.

How does one overcome this issue? By attending this webinar. Here, Tom Fragale, who during his over 30 years of professional tenure has trained over 30,000 business people in on-line webinars, public seminars, and on-site training, will show four trendy ways to improve on Microsoft Outlook tips.

At the end of this webinar, participants will have learnt how to use Microsoft Outlook more confidently and to efficiently organize their information and commitments. Tom will show participants a series of smarter tips, tricks and systems with which they can manage their tasks, follow-ups, contacts, notes and calendar items better. Far from being a textbook handout, this session will be a thoroughly enjoyable one with lively talk and a lot of interactivity.

Participants will no longer find themselves having to sift through a stuffed inbox or having to respond to meeting requests all day. They will simply open their inbox, do what is required, and be done with quickly.

Immense uses from learning MS Outlook best practices

The MS Outlook best practices that Tom will impart at this webinar will make working on this program a lot less boring and time-consuming. He will how to optimize the uses of this versatile program, which can be immensely helpful to those who want to put it to the best use.

Tom will cover all the aspects of MS Outlook at this session. He will cover the following areas:

  • How to create and use an Outlook “To-do” list
  • How to easily build your contacts list
  • How to keep your notes and ideas in email folders
  • Tricks for automating your emails
  • Calendar tricks that save you time
  • Creating and using Folders to help you organize better
  • Creating Rules to automatically handle emails
  • Flagging Emails for Follow
  • Sorting and Filtering Emails
  • Mail Merge with your Contacts.

This webinar is of high value to those who use MS Outlook day in and day out, and these include:

  • Business Owners
  • CEO’s/CFO’s/CTO’s
  • Managers of all levels
  • Anybody who uses Excel on a regular basis, and want to be more efficient and productive
  • Administrators
  • Salespeople
  • Trainers
  • Bankers
  • Office Workers.


About the speaker:

Tom Fragale’s clients include many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, military bases, and companies large and small across many industries, including manufacturing, banking, pharmaceutical, education, retail, etc. He is an expert at Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Crystal Reports, SQL Server, Visio, QuickBooks, and SharePoint, among others, and has even written a book on Microsoft Access.

Author: compliance4all

Compliance4All, the ultimate continuing professional education provider offers you regulatory and compliance trainings from the industry's leading experts, but with one crucial difference -the cost. Compliance4All's objective is to be a platform that provides regulatory and compliance trainings with all the class and features that come with these trainings, at a lower price. Compliance4All seeks to make regulatory and compliance trainings low-hanging fruits. Industries We Focus On: • Trade & Logistics • Aerospace Defense • Banking & Insurance • Food & Beverages • Auditing/Accounting & Tax • Energy • Environment • Education • Automotive Transport • Science and Technology • Government • Construction • Electronics & Semiconductor • Operation • Engineering/Science • Purchasing & Vendor Relation • General counsel/Accountant • Geology & Mining • Documentation/Records

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