At E2Labs, a cyber security warrior force is being readied

Organisations need higher preparation levels and better systems to anticipate, detect, fix and prevent cyber attacks.


With rapid technological evolution, there are several concerns, constraints and challenges around cyber security. The biggest challenge is ‘tech-knowledge lag’, says Zaki Qureshey, chairman and founder, E2Labs and HomeLand Security Solutions, and an independent computer security and digital intelligence consultant specialising in curbing cyber crimes and cyber terrorism. He has been credited for starting the first school of ethical hacking in Asia.

Security measures and technological advancements are not keeping pace with the speed and sophistication of cyber criminals, says Qureshey. Organisations need higher preparation levels and better systems to anticipate, detect, fix and prevent cyber attacks.
“Major threats like malware and spear phishing are being employed by cyber thugs to cyberjack computer networks, steal confidential data and gain illegal access to systems.


While existing technologies such as endpoint detection response or EDR can help locate and smoke out these dodgy malware, also known as RATs (remote access Trojan), mechanisms such as email gateways are being employed to tackle spear phishing and halt malicious e-mails in their tracks before they reach the inbox to inflict damage,” he says, adding that the key to staying ahead is to invest in research and develop water-tight security systems.

The second challenge is team-work lag. Extensive cooperation between key stakeholders is critical to winning the battle, he says. “Given the frequency and destructive power of cyber attacks, cyber security must be mandatorily pre-budgeted, in fact as top priority to ensure secure information and minimum collateral damage.”

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