What are the elements of packaging and labeling in marketing?

Packaging and labeling are two important aspects of any product. They are a guide for understanding the nature of the content that goes into the product in question. In the case of packaging and labeling in marketing food products, the need for putting up clearly legible and intelligible information on the pack is of extremely high importance. Food being a critical component of our lives, wrong information can lead to several hazards.

Packaging and labelling in marketing should enable consumers to take informed decision

Packaging and labelling in marketing should serve the fundamental purpose of helping the consumer make healthy choices. Towards facilitating this goal; the manufacturer has to list all the contents of the product comprehensively, objectively, accurately and legibly.

Some guidelines on packaging and labeling in marketing

Packaging and labeling of food products becomes more effective in manifold ways when manufacturers adapt a level of commonsense, understanding its need from the consumer’s perspective.

Manufacturers could use symbols and icons to describe the nature of contents. For instance, mentioning that a food product has zero meat content in small print is one thing; putting up a picture that shows a crossed mark over meat is a far more effective practice. Haven’t we heard the age old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words?

Manufacturers that use packaging and labeling in marketing should also make the intent of their announcement with regard to content in the food stand out. Bright colored labeling is one of them. Or, even designing the product in such a way that the packaging and labeling stands out is another marketing tool.

Of course, all these have to be done keeping practicality in mind. The purpose is served when the manufacturer does packaging and labeling keeping all the important points in mind, such as the manufacturer’s name and address, date of manufacture as well as expiry, what ingredients have gone into it, how to handle the product, and so on.

the elements of packaging and labeling in marketing
the elements of packaging and labeling in marketing



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