What is cyber security?

One of the most important aspects of the IT industry and in fact, our very existence in today’s world, is cyber security. Monstrous volumes of information get transmitted over the Net, rendering them vulnerable to a number of attacks. If not handled securely, these cyber-attacks can have serious consequences for the industry and everyone it covers. Almost everyone from individuals to multinationals to governments is at risk of having sensitive and critical data breached.

What are the forms of cyberattacks?

Cyberattacks can happen in the form of viruses, network outages and hacks. These can affect almost every possible medium from mobile phones to emails to digital applications.

Cyber security is the antidote to these problems. In simple terms, as is self-explanatory; cyber security is the process of strengthening and fortifying data against these attacks. The aim of cyber security is to protect all the mediums from which data can be compromised, such as programs, computers, and network data from any kind of unauthorized access. Cyber security seeks to protect systems from unintended manipulation or any form of destruction.

The criticality of cyber security

Cyber security is of utmost importance in today’s networked world. Everyone from almost any kind of business or any other kind of organization that uses an online medium, such as hospitals, a nation’s military, any department or wing of a country’s government, most financial institutions, and private and public corporations have to collect a lot of data. They have to process and also store lots of confidential information. Obviously, it is in computers that these are stored and transmitted across various networks to other systems and computers. As the volume of sensitive information that his transmitted through these networks grows; cyberattacks have sharpened, too.

Protecting this sensitive information is extremely important because loss of data can result in anything from losing business to compromising on national security. The importance of cyber security in our present world can be gauged from the fact that in March 2013, the US’ leading officials from intelligence, during a Senate hearing declared that digital spying, along with cyber-attacks constituted a bigger threat to national security that even terrorism.



Author: compliance4all

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