Chemical Safety for Sanitation Workers takes presidential preference

Sanitation workers are exposed, by the very nature of their daily work, to various chemicals. Many of these are usually harmful when workers come into contact with them either by touch or by inhalation. Since these can cause substantial damage to health; Chemical Safety for Sanitation Workers is of prime importance. This is why this matter has gone up to the level of the highest office of the land –the President. Barack Obama signed this Order on August 1, 2013. At its core, it directs the federal government to “…improve operational coordination with state and local partners; improve Federal agency coordination and information sharing; modernize policies, regulations, and standards; and work with stakeholders to identify best practices.”

Executive Order 13650

Chemical Safety for Sanitation Workers is ensured in the notification set out in the President’s Executive Order 13650 – Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security. The core of this Executive Order (EO) is improvement in chemical safety and security with the aim of reducing harm to workers.

This EO gives utmost importance to Chemical Safety for Sanitation Workers by taking on the issue comprehensively. Its two-way approach starts by directing federal agencies and stakeholders to look at the whole range of extant industry initiatives and regulatory programs; it then reinforces this by suggesting that they be on the lookout for other new opportunities that could improve Chemical Safety for Sanitation Workers.

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